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Jules Kovisar: First Setup with & wo 2006 director Lee Rose | What are Callie & Brandon talking about in this garden? #TheFosters
michellebyerly: One of my personal favs!!!!! 💖
michellebyerly: The secret is out!!!!! It’s officially time for me to ‘Marianna spam’ you!! Love her!!

Anonymous :
I love The Fosters but they put a lot of people off Brandon. I feel like most people prefer Wyatt now, even some of the ones that were rooting for Brandon at first. Only thing that's going to change people's minds is if Wyatt messes it up in an bigger way. Which I doubt because oddly enough... he's been doing just about everything right. lol. I still can't believe the amount of hate Brandon gets sometimes though.
thefosters-brallie :

I agree with you! & I feel as though people judge him very harshly and even though they may not like his character that is no reason to hate on David Lambert because Brandon Foster is just a character he plays. Personally I think every main character on a show needs to have a storyline that changes for the better and for the worst so the viewers can see them develop as a character because if Brandon stayed the same as he was at the beginning of season 1 his character will get boring and the show won’t have a storyline for him. Aha and yeah I agree with you in season 2 it looks like people will be rooting Wyatt and Callie but although I love love love Wyatt I have high hopes for Brandon and Callie! (:

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Anonymous :
How is j lo related to the fosters
thefosters-brallie :

She is the executive producer of The Fosters! (:

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Anonymous :
It looks like David has been working out 😍
thefosters-brallie :

I thought at first it looked like he was working out because the shirts he was wearing in most of the pictures were more fitted but I compared it to previous pictures of him and yeah he has been working out! Aha but i’m glad i’m not the only one who thought that! (:

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Cierra dyed her hair? Ah she looks gorgeous with blonde hair!