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The Fosters Christmas Episode Details!

cierraramirez: Can we just take a moment to appreciate how precious @maiamitch is 😩💗

"DNA doesn’t make a family. Love does."
We’re obsessed with this amazing Fosters family fan art from!

Anonymous :
Do you know when the Christmas episode is going to air yet??? P.S. I love your blog! I always come here for my Fosters/Brallie news! :) Keep up the good work! Geeks like me depend on you!
thefosters-brallie :

Yees! The Fosters Christmas special is on Monday, December 8 at 8pm/7c! And thank you so much that means a lot and aha i’m glad I can help! (:

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untypicalteenager :
Do you know the title for 2x12?
thefosters-brallie :

Not yet! When I find out i’ll make sure to post it but its because there not filming the episodes in order so some of the names haven’t been released only the names of the ones they already started or finished filming have been released! 

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