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thefostersabcf: Love these smiles! #thefosters

Anonymous :
do you know when the next episodes are coming out ? ps love your blog <3
thefosters-brallie :

The exact dates haven’t been released yet but the Christmas episode will premiere sometime in December and then the rest of Season 2B returns winter 2015 probably around January or February! But when the exact dates get released i’ll make sure to post them! And aw thank you so much that means a lot :) 

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maiamitch: deep appreciation for each other

thefostersabcf: Happy Saturday! #thefosters

I think it’s safe to say we all know what or should I say who Callie was referring to when she said 'so much'.

Jules Kovisars ‏: #TheFosters getting closer to shoot D1 of S2B! Costume fitting with &#8220;Jesus&#8221; @JakeTAustin

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