The Fosters

Bradley Bredeweg ‏: Life is Hard. Pretty People. Pretty Beach.

Jules Kovisars ‏: #TheFosters named a pizza parlor after our fabulous producer Chris - @JakeTAustin holds a prop from the set

thefostersabcf: Behind the scenes in Callie & Mariana’s room! #thefosters

Bradley Bredeweg: How much do you love this guy? He is seriously one of the very best. We are so lucky. @dglambert #TheFosters
Look who’s hanging out on #thefosters set! We love Amanda and Cierra!

I’ll just put this here and leave now. Okay? Goodbye.

Anonymous :
So I have a couple predictions for season 2, the christmas ep! I think that Brandon will take Callie out on a date ( by that picture of them driving) and then Callie will sit Stef and Lena down and tell them about the kiss ( This would mirror 1x11 when Brandon told his moms about kissing callie) I also think they will throw a lot of needed Brallie scenes in! Maybe a mistletoe??
thefosters-brallie :

Love your predictions! Ahh that would be so cute if they go out on a date! Yeah I also feel like maybe this time they might tell Stef and Lena instead of trying to sneak around cause it didn’t work out so well last time. And omg hoping for a lot of Brallie scenes including a mistletoe! Thank you for sharing :)

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